Computerised cognitive training for all the family.

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Evaluate and Assess your Intelligence Quotient...and improve it over time.

Assess and Test

Compete with you friends and prove who is smarter, brighter and sharper.

Take me to the ARENA

Sharp, Slick and Smart.


Brain Training & Fitness Workouts

Workout your brain and improve your cognitive skills, whilst competing with your friends.




A dashboard tool and mobile app to assist you in your brain training journey.





Out-fox your friends. An online platform to challenge others.





Contact us for a business-to-business solution, we help you evaluate your clients.


Web and Mobile App Suite of Products

We cater for cross-platform devices to allow you to take brain training and also challenge your friends through the Arena.

Train your mind in the Vortex
Prepare yourself to challenge your friends



Reasoning, building arguments, finding logical connections, numerical and mathematical skills.



Remembering names, numbers and faces, the ability to recall information fast and accurately.


Vocabulary, articulation, grammar, diction, expressions and metaphors.


Calculation of space, rotation, perception and visualisation.


Attention span, selective vision or hearing, long term tasks.


  • Plays games and likes to improve skill set
  • Casual occasional player
  • Loves to challenge and beat others
  • Preparing for tests or exams
  • Wants to improve study skills; memory, accuracy
  • Needs a break but doesn’t want to waste time
  • People with high IQ
  • Superior in one skill but wants to strengthen others
  • Wants a motivational challenge
  • Elderly
  • Mild Cognitive Impairments
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Alternative Therapies



The methodology that is used by FoxChamp is continuous engagement of the users with novel games that are both entertaining and challenging at the same time. These games attack one or more specific cognitive functions and take the user on a journey where the skillset in that particular cognitive function is honed step-by-step. Repetition over time strengthens the synaptic connections in our brains.

Through applying game development techniques and disruptive teaching methods, FoxChamp is creating an online platform consisting of both desktop and mobile online applications on a subscription basis that allows its customers to develop their cognitive skills. The suite of applications will not only allow the user to improve his brain capacity but also to challenge other friends through social platforms. An extension of the product will involve online IQ tests and other intelligence test measuring tools which third party companies can use during an interview or an assessment process.


Who are we?

At FoxChamp, we want to help you become the best and smartest you can be. We know that you already take good care of your body, but how about your brain? Do you challenge yourself on a daily basis? We give you the tools to train your mind and even allow you to challenge and outfox your friends. Who said cognitive training has to be boring?!

The FoxChamp team consists of avid and passionate gamers from the iGaming, financial, software development, education and technology research domains. We have built companies from the ground up and participated in multi-million Euro projects that have resulted in state of the art technologies and solutions. Coming together from different backgrounds, we have created an entertaining, innovative brain training program to help you be the best version of yourself. FoxChamp is accessible, fun and supported by an international Scientific Board.

The Scientific Board is made up of neuroscientists, academic professors and holistic brain wellness experts coming from UK, Switzerland and India. The Scientific Board will help direct the development of the games and keep the innovation and research element strong within all the FoxChamp cognitive solutions.